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A region presents itself
A small, but precious river
Thayatal – a treasure connecting two different worlds
At the transition from smooth to raw, the Thayatal has created a picturesque world that would normally rather find its way into a fairy-tale: a landscape lined with steep rock inclinations, colourful meadows, lush river banks abundantly covered with vegetation, almost jungle-like, then yet again full of romance. Where the dry, Pannonian climate meets the clear, humid air of the Waldviertel region, an incredible variety of flora, fauna and mushrooms has found a home. Like this, it may happen that a shy guest is greeting you on your way: Among the "inhabitants" of this region are, for instance, black storks, European otters and emerald lizards. At the northern bank of the Thaya River, the national park Thayatal unfolds, merging with the Národní park Podyjí situated in the Czech Republic. In addition, the region accommodates two further protected areas: the nature parks Geras and Dobersberg.

Border-crossing natural experience
An unforgettable experience is a waterway journey through the Thayatal valley. From the towns Raabs to Eibenstein, you can sail the river with a small canoe in case of favourable water levels. The chutes and dams that have to be crossed will turn this trip into a little adventure ride. Those who prefer more peaceful experiences can discover the national park region on the country way: well-marked walking, hiking and bicycle tracks will guide you through the scenery of the Thayatal valley marked by monasteries, fairy-tale and mystic spots. During a hike without luggage, you can take in the romantic valley from Nebelstein to Retz with all your senses. Along the 26 km border, where the Thaya today connects Austria with the Czech Republic, many border-crossings have been created especially for cyclists and hikers. Like this, you just go on walking into the neighbouring country ...

The "Bandlkramer" country, full of treasures
In the middle of this ecological treasure chest with its great biodiversity, the dreamy little town Hardegg lies. With only 80 inhabitants, it is the smallest town of Austria, surrounded by fortifying, medieval towers and walls. In addition, the region features many authentic, ancient little villages and market municipalities, where time appears to have come to a stand still: In Felling, a nacre turner blissfully continues his work, in Groß Siegharts and Waidhofen, you can sympathise with the ancient tradition of bond weaving at the textile museums. Almost each settlement of the Thayatal region has its own fortress, castle or ruin. Be it the Renaissance idyll in Drosendorf, the dramatic scenery of the ruins of Kollmitz or the Baroque splendour of the monastery Geras - architecture of the Thayatal valley, too, surrounds you by its century-old tradition and variety.

In this way, you can marvel at, breathe through, rest, dive into a spot on earth where mankind and nature still continue to live in mutual respect and trust ...