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Nature parks
The Austrian nature parks respresent characteristic cultural landscapes. Their appeal was created by the climate and farmland cultivation. Two out of a total of 37 national parks are located in the Thaya valley.

Nature Park Dobersberg

The 200-hectare nature park is situated on the northern curve of the Thaya river, where the river runs through natural meadow forest landscapes and cultural landscapes of forests, meadows and fields. Romantic trails and foothpaths take you along the river banks across broad Thaya fields and over forested hills.
At the information centre (Dobersberg Castle) you can find exhibits on regional fauna and minerals, and in particular a collection of insects.
Worth seeing: Wild animal park enclosure, bee information stand, ant trail, wooden footbridge over the Thaya river, divining rod adventure trail.

Guided tours in the national park:

  • Adventure trail tours with "divining rod and pendulum" and ants every first Saturday of the month (from May to All Saint's Day)
  • Guided hikes every first Friday of the month
    Meeting point: Entrance to the national park (church) at 2 p.m.

Dobersberg Thayatal National Park Association
Tel: 02843 2524
Information centre: 02843 26 161
E-Mail: naturpark.dobersberg@aon.at

Nature Park Geras

This 134-hectare nature park is part of a particularly idyllic pond and forest landscape surrounding the monastery of Geras.

Guided tours (by appointment):

  • pond expedition (visit carp, frogs and co.)
  • animals of the forest (wild boar and bats)

Opening hours: Palm Sunday to All Saint's Day (except Mondays)
Information: Geras Monastery
2093 Geras, Hauptstraße 1
Tel: 02912 345 216, Fax: 240, Mobil; 0664 524 13 43
E-Mail: naturpark@stiftgeras.at